Chinthurst School

Coeducational Prep School and Nursery for children aged 2 ½ to 11 years

A Junior School of Award Winning Senior, Reigate Grammar School

Independent School of the Year 2020 Finalist

At Chinthurst, wellbeing and meaningful relationships are at the heart of the school and prioritised over everything else. This ensures that stretch, challenge and support are given at just the right time, so each child has the confidence to try new things, learn from mistakes and ultimately fulfil their potential. Visitors often comment on the buzz of energy, warmth of atmosphere and sense of fun around the school buildings and grounds.

Our youngest nursery children have a gentle and positive start to school life with lots of creative and engaging activities and adventures. Outdoor exploration and regular Forest School sessions harness the benefits of outdoor education. Children move seamlessly into Reception thanks to a joined up curriculum and familiarity with staff and surroundings

 Academic outcomes throughout the school are excellent and Chinthurst is renowned for its music, drama, art and sport provision as well as its exciting extracurricular programme. Children transfer to senior school as well rounded individuals with an enthusiasm for life which is very much a reflection of the Chinthurst spirit.

“From her earliest days in nursery, the wonderful Chinthurst teaching team have built my child’s confidence with constant encouragement and positive acknowledgement of her efforts. They know her so well and she is thriving. As a family, we love being part of a community centred on kindness and care for others.”

Year 5 parent

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