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Studio Think – Ready to Grow

Welcome to Studio Think, the app that aims to bring you the Mindset courses and resources you need to take your mind and your life, to where you want to be.

Think of us as a Mindset Coach in your pocket.

In our app you will find guidance from a growing number of Thought Leaders and qualified Coaches, ready to help you pursue growth and life-improvement across areas such as Happiness, Success, Resilience, Self-Empowerment, Wealth and many more.

To do this we provide you with bite size audio courses created to teach you about the power of your own thinking, and the ways in which it might be holding you back. We then give you the techniques and tools you can use to change your thoughts for the better. These include our Guided Meditations, Breathwork Practices, Mindset Tools, Affirmation Mixes to music and Coaching Programmes.

When you change your thoughts, you change your life. Are you ready to grow?

Would you like to have a one stop place to improve your well-being? Productivity? Mindfulness? Resilience? Mindset? I did!!! And I couldn’t imagine it would exist.
Studio Think blew my mind. It has so many amazing angles to improve yourself in any areas of self-development with an intuitive and easy to follow design.
I’ve recommended it to everyone I know, I think it’s an incredibly valuable tool in this day and age.”


I am really enjoying this app. I have tapped into things of this genre before, which have helped me too, but I really like the presentation of this particular app. The voices presenting the material are both inspiring and relaxing, as well as being honest and real. I haven’t listened to everything yet, but I am already sleeping better and feeling more positive and powerful in other areas of my life. It’s amazing how much can be gained from simply changing the way you think.

Jen G.

Studio Think App
Studio Think App

I am definitely a positive person, but over the last couple of years found it hard not to blame myself for so many things.
I saw this app just at the right time, I needed to look deeper into what made me work and what I could do to change to make things happen for me.
I would recommend this to you if you are searching for something but need to be pointed in the right direction.
Thanks Studio Think.”

Lara G.

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