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I am not only a custodian of a person’s private inner world- I am their guide and educator helping to enrich and enhance their own human experience. I do the heaviest of jobs with a friendliness and lightness of touch and the clients I meet feel the power of that in our engagement. I deal with human beings, and transact in the currencies of the head, gut and heart-space, delivering something special, which is free from judgement, but packed with empathy, understanding, space, kindness and compassion to enable a person to live with greater inner peace, calm, happiness and fulfilment.

“ Vidya drastically helped me change my life and my outlook on it. Since the first session, I knew that she would be the one to help me, just from how well she listened to what I had to say and how she helped me understand that how I was feeling was ok and that I have it within me to change things. ”

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