A Giant School Playdate for Chinthurst Pupils as part of Mental Health Week 2022


Chinthurst children took part in the Global School Play Day initiative recently as part of activities to mark Children’s Mental Health Week. They brought their favourite toys to school and had fun playing games with their friends.

This year, Growing Together was the theme of Children’s Mental Health Week (CMHW) and to celebrate this, the children at Chinthurst enjoyed a week of fun activities. Wellbeing is at the heart of the school every day of the year, but CMHW always provides an extra focus for the children to think about their mental health and happiness.

During the week, all age groups had special assemblies and circle times which provided excellent forums for discussion, with an emphasis on helping each other to grow. The teachers also wanted to set aside time for the children to play and were delighted to incorporate the Global Play Day initiative into the schedule. Creative play and board games are critical to healthy brain development. Play improves learning, cognitive awareness, social and emotional wellbeing, and can give children tremendous learning opportunities, including how to work with others, manage feelings, think, plan, make decisions and read other people’s emotions.

The children brought their favourite toys to school and had a tremendous time playing with their friends for the special playdate. A wonderful buzz of fun and excitement could be heard around the school as the children took full advantage of good old-fashioned play.

Headteacher Cathy Trundle says “We believe that every child is capable of extraordinary things and that happiness and success lies in them all. Along life’s journey there are many challenges that can sometimes veer them off track. As a school we provide them with a safe, loving and supporting environment that encourages them to be themselves and share their feelings. We also equip them with practical strategies and skills that will help foster resilience and good mental health in the future. The special playdate was one of the highlights of a very successful week of important activities and it was lovely to see the children having so much fun with their friends."