Do you need a tech-savvy best friend?


Only passionate solopreneurs know how consuming and overwhelming it is to run a business entirely on their own. And even if they are absolutely capable to DO IT ALL, even if they are multitasking masterminds with versatile skillsets, there is one invincible enemy constantly battling against them and testing their sanity on a daily basis. This enemy is called TIME. 

At Reigate Creative, I provide tech-savvy support to passionate small business owners who are willing to invest in the ability to grow their business. The launch of my services was a result of a gut feeling. I realised that the majority of local entrepreneurs have been thinking of elevating their digital presence in one way or another but haven't been exactly sure how to do it or where to start. I decided to become their extra pair of hands and a secret weapon. Essentially, someone they could call their tech-savvy best friend.

So who is my ideal client and who could benefit from the services of Reigate Creative? Small business owners who are determined to scale their businesses but the day-to-day tasks take the best part of their time. They are full of brilliant ideas but the daily operations don't leave any time time to act on them. They find the techy side of things too overwhelming or they simply don't have time to learn how to navigate around online tools and software. Does any of the above sound familiar?

The beauty of Reigate Creative is that I have escaped the pressure of niching down from the industrial point of view and I can satisfy many of my interests thanks to working with a variety of clients. Even though a travel agent, an interior designer and a hair stylist don't have much in common in theory, they all need a website, a client relationship management system, social media accounts, email marketing platform, a database, an affiliate program and a tone of excellent content. 

But why should those service providers spend hours trying to figure out how to automate an email campaign in Flodesk or design a website in Squarespace rather than do what they do best i.e. nurture relationships with their customers and provide Excellent Client Experience. In 2022, a great digital presence isn't optional anymore and this is where I come in. 

I strongly believe that every passionate entrepreneur deserves a great behind-the-scenes set up without feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. We might not be able to win against TIME but might at least try to get ahead. And "the secret to getting ahead is getting started", (Mark Twain).

If you'd like to see my recent project, please check my Instagram Account under highlight SICILY. I accompanied my client Purple Truffle on a business travel to Italy and was responsible for content creation. I filmed meetings, people, locations and shot cinematic B roll in order to document the trip and provide (and edit) content for the website, blog and social media accounts. 

Alex Tanton | Reigate Creative
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