Fego Bakehouse


Our Fego spaces are born out of the South African café culture, we do things we love, when we want. No rules no judgement! With the artisan and influence of amazing craft bakeries from Sydney, South Africa and London we wanted to harness all the elements we love and get creative ourselves.

These bakeries bring everything together. As a result this two year project has come to life, we have designed our dream products, innovative and fresh, high quality, highly creative and influenced by that feel good culture.

At Fego it’s always about the guest and pushing our creative boundaries so working together with our inhouse Development team and exciting London craft baker Dee, (all pioneers in their fields) the Fego bakehouse has been born.

With an artisanal twist and a Zero waste policy it’s full of creativity and fun. Our Development kitchen has enabled us to experiment with fresh seasonal product creating a mixture of specials and baked fresh goods rather than buying in mass produced product.

We want each of café bakeries to become a core part of the community, for people to meet, collaborate and feel inspired. With hand-crafted pastries, loaf cakes, little buns and savouries delivered fresh every morning to our cafés or to your home.

The Fego bakehouse will run along side our current feel good offering of excellent burgers, wraps, salads, small plates, and clever assemblies of good seasonal ingredients and Fego classics.

The Bakehouse and beyond.

We always want to be innovating and as well as the in site bakeries and our Surrey based bakehouse we will deliver much more to come.

Bakery from home ordered and shipped direct from the Creative kitchen to your homes and businesses.

  • E-commerce website – Bakehouse packs & hampers on our website (pre-orders option also)
  • Fego After Dark concept
  • Fego bakery school
  • Fego Event catering


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Or keep an eye on @fegouk.

Looking forward to feasting with you