YLLBB evolves into The Surrey Circle


We've rebranded!

Not that we’d ever want to think of Your Local Little Black Book as a caterpillar, but you may have noticed it’s been through a transformation into something reminiscent of a butterfly: bigger, more colourful and ready to spread its wings.

After much consideration, we have rebranded, so it’s a fond farewell to YLLBB and a huge hello to The Surrey Circle.

Why have we made the change and what does it mean for you?


Our history before The Surrey Circle

Back in 2019, when our journey began, our vision was to establish a printed directory to focus on local businesses, highlighting how much they offered. We developed this service to include the 24/7 online Business Hub and we provided social media services to promote local Surrey businesses.

As Reigatians, it made sense to concentrate on Reigate and Dorking and let residents and visitors know what fantastic businesses were sitting on their doorstep.

Over the last two years, and six editions later, we’ve seen our client base increase dramatically and we wondered whether we could offer more. So, what started as a handy, quality keepsake that provided a platform for businesses to highlight their products and services, evolved into a multimedia community hub for the whole of Surrey.


Our fresh look

Our new logo and branding reflect our change of vision, but we hope we’re still recognisable. The inspiration for our name came from our aim to encompass all things local across Surrey. We aspire to offer our business clients the perfect local marketing solution, while providing our readers and subscribers with more hidden gems and nuggets of information about what’s available in their local area.

That means expanding our online offerings. The Business Hub and social media services remain, but we have improved them both visually and expanded the information you can find. We are also so excited to bring you your very own Shopping Hub, the go-to place to shop local shelves and be tempted by a curated selection of products, which are only a click away.


Surrey-wide but still personal

Now we are established in Reigate and Dorking we are ready to spread our wings and include other businesses in other towns across Surrey. We’re excited to learn the secrets of other parts of Surrey, get to know and collaborate with new Surrey businesses and focus on connecting you with your local market.

Although The Surrey Circle represents an expanded geographical reach, our commitment to customer service will not change. It’s still an essential part of what we offer our customers and, as clichéd as it sounds, we pride ourselves on it.


Grow with us

For those of you who have been with us since the beginning or have joined us along the way, thank you for your support. We genuinely appreciate your commitment to us and we look forward to continuing our relationships.

Welcome to those of you who have only just discovered The Surrey Circle and thank you for your interest. If you live in Surrey, enjoy browsing the site and subscribe FREE so we can keep you in the loop. If you have a business in Surrey, we would love to speak to you about The Surrey Circle and what we can offer you in support, so please get in touch with us for a chat.

In a nutshell, that’s the background of our rebrand and a flavour of what’s coming next. We look forward to your company.